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Library Manager for iOS and Mac

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Book Track is the application for iPhone, iPad and Mac to easily keep track of the books you have purchased and which you would like to read. Manage your personal collection and wish list, searching for books by name or author, doing a barcode scan or entering them manually. Digitizing your personal library has never been easier or faster.

Book Track Main

Add new books and manage your collection

Book Track provides two lists to manage your books: the Library and the Wish List. Adding a new book to one of the two lists is very simple. You can search online by name, author or isbn code or you can easily scan the barcode and the app will search for the book for you.

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If you don’t find a book online, you can always enter it manually by typing all the details and taking a picture of the cover. The app automatically recognizes the edges of the book and attaches the image to the description.

Book Track Add

After adding a new book to the wish list, a quick link to Amazon will offer you the best deals to buy it at the best price.

Keep track of the books you’ve read

Each book you add to the collection can be marked as read or as yet to be read. Book Track also allows you to modify the details of the book, such as the title, author, description, publisher, year of publication, genre and description. You can also leave a personal comment, so that you can review it at any time.

Book Track Details Modify

Synchronized library on all your devices

Your library will be automatically synchronized on all your devices. No app registration is required to take advantage of this feature. It is sufficient to have iCloud enabled on your devices and synchronization will take place automatically and in real time whenever you add or remove a book from your collection. Your iPhone, iPad and Mac will be allways up to date.

Organize your books with tags

Keep your library organized by assigning one or more tags to books. This way you can find them more easily using filters.

Book Track Details

Import books from other apps or services

To facilitate the transition to Book Track, you can import your library from other apps and services such as Goodreads, BookBuddy and Reading List.

Export your library

You can share the collection of your books with your friends. Easily export the entire library to different formats and share it using system sharing. Export to PDF and CSV is supported.

Book Track Settings


You can download Book Track for iOS (iPhone and iPad) on the App Store and Book Track for Mac on the Mac App Store.