A synchronized library and reading list

Whether you save a book on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it'll be synced across all devices.

Both your Library and Wishlist and your reading list will be synced seamlessly and automatically so you'll never lose a book again — or buy the same book twice because you forgot you already own it!

Easy and comprehensive bookshelf log

Every book you add to your library can be marked as read, reading, or unread, with each book also supporting tags to help you find similar books throughout your collection.

Books informations like title, author, description, publisher, year of publication, genre, and even the description can also be edited to make your library as accurate or personal as possible. Bookshelf log has never been so easy.

Save your favorite quotes

Find a passage within a book that you want to save for later? Book Tracker can save your favorite quotes in one place so you can read them again later.

You can even put them on your Home screen using a widget.

Deep integration with iOS and macOS

Book Tracker includes support for the latest Apple features including Shortcuts and Siri, while Widgets can be used to put your favorite quotes, reading statistic and more right onto your Home screen.

All the statistics, right where you'll see them

Book Tracker collects library and reading list statistics and puts them right on your Home screen with gorgeous widgets.

iPad users can enjoy an extra large widget with even more stats, too!

Lend a book

Often you have to lend a book to a friend. With the new Loaned Out section you can keep track of it.

iCloud sync

Your library is automatically synced on all your devices via iCloud. No app registration is required.

Import books

It's never been easier to import your books from other apps like Goodreads and BookBuddy. You don't have to start building your library all over again.


Book Tracker doesn't collect any of your personal data and doesn't track you in any way. Books should be fun, not another reason to worry about your data privacy.

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Manage your library and bookshelf log on iOS and macOS

What's everyone saying?


"If you need an app to manage your book library, Book Tracker is an exciting new entry that I hope will grow more and more valuable over time."

- Ryan Christoffel


"If you like to read plenty of books from different places, Book Tracker can be a useful app to track what you’re reading."

- Filipe Espósito


"Book worms will definitely want to check out the new app Book Tracker. The app makes managing your current library and book you want to purchase easy."

- Brent Dirks

Press Kit

Download full Press Kit with screenshots, promo art and hi-res icon here.


I already bought Book Tracker for Mac. Do I have to buy Book Tracker for iOS?

Book Tracker for iOS and Mac are two separate apps. A lot of hard work goes into developing and maintaining each version, so I must charge for each to be sustainable as an indie developer. Despite being two separate apps, the library syncs automatically between iOS and Mac via iCloud.

How can I add a new book?

In order to add a new book to the Library or Wish List, you must select the corresponding icon on the top of the book detail page.

How can I delete a book?

To delete a book, long-press on it in the book list (right click on Mac) and then click Delete. Alternatively, you can open the details of a book, click on the delete icon at the top of the screen.

How can I import my library from Goodreads?

You have to export your library from Goodreads in CSV. You can found the instructions here. Then open Book Tracker, go to the Settings page, select “Import” and use the exported CSV file to import all your library.

After importing my library I don't see any covers. Why?

CSV files cannot contain images. For this reason, while importing a CSV file from another app, Book Tracker cannot restore your old covers. Book Tracker tries to automatically add missing images whenever possible. If this is not possible, you can proceed in two ways to recover the covers.
By opening the detail of each book and accessing the Edit mode (pencil icon at the top right), you can automatically download all the information of a book by clicking on "Update book online", including the cover. This procedure must be carried out for each individual book.
If you prefer to recover the covers of all the books, I recommend that you read this post on Reddit.

Can I share my library with other users?

Book Tracker currently syncs across devices connected to your Apple ID. In the future it will be possible to share the library via iCloud with other users as well.

I can't update the app on my Mac. What can I do?

Unfortunately it is a known bug of macOS for the apps that have a Widget. Try to delete the Book Tracker Widget, restart the Mac and update the app. After the update you can add again your Widgets.

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